Interactive elearning and resources. 

These resources (available for tablet or computer and available for offline use) were created to meet the needs of an ever growing demand for good quality interactive music exercises and music elearning  for instrumental learners. Each module is designed to compliment other modules in this series and units correspond in material and standard. They can take the place of a more traditional tutor book type of course or be used to compliment one. Modules work as a progressive course and as standalone units.

As a performer, composer and educator, I feel passionately that children respond best to engaging material that encourages them to investigate, set their own pace and gives them the resources they need at their fingertips. Help is given at every level and each unit revisits previous levels, in addition to  introducing new materials.

The theory exercise/games modules are suitable for any instrument and are designed to check in a fun way, what has been learnt so far. Unlimited tries mean the pupil will always succeed. The latest research shows that pupils remember information best when they are repeatedly testing this knowledge. These exercises are not scoring games. The emphasis is on learning and retaining information and not winning the game. The initial findings are that these exercises are fun for students and highly effective at reinforcing their music theory learning. My own personal experience of using these modules is that they are a highly effective way of engaging students. 

How to download a module to tablet (including enabling for offline use).

Discover Oboe (Units 1-10)

The oboe modules which include Oboe techniques and Pieces units 1 - 10  (3 in each) covers all the usual concepts of breathing, diaphragm, sound production, tonguing and posture/fingers. Standard fingerings are available to the student at a click, and explanation boxes appear for the music symbols. All this can be out of the way whilst the student is playing and recalled as needed. The pieces can be followed using the scrolling versions. There are slower versions and backing tracks available. Pieces are a combination of original composition and traditional pieces arranged specially for this project. 

A brief oboe tutorial to help you get started with your interactive pieces.

Discover Flute (Units 1 - 10)

Discover Flute contains the same material as the oboe modules, but for the Flute.

A brief flute tutorial to help you get started with your interactive pieces.

Further modules for other woodwind instruments are planned in addition to further  games and exercises for all instruments. Additions to Discover Oboe and Discover Flute are also planned.

Please try the free sample module (Musical Christmas) with our compliments, which can be used indefinitely and downloaded to your tablet. You can also watch the how to video to get you started downloading. The set up procedure is quick and easy, but if you have any issues at all, please email us on

Helena Bidder

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